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Darwin Subsystem for Linux

Run Ubuntu easily on macOS (Big Sur compatible)

Not actually a subsystem like WSL, but runs an Ubuntu 16 VM on a hypervisor (xhyve or hyperkit) and adds a nice frontend to manage the VM. Goal is to make running Ubuntu or any flavour of linux as seamless as possible using existing technologies.

Installation #

Head over to releases page to download the latest version of Ubuntu.dmg and move the App to Applications folder. On the first run, it will make you download a base image, which is 3 Gb in size. You can later make and attach other disks to the VM. Login via SSH using username default and password password.

Licensing #

We do not own the Ubuntu image - the hosted base image is derived from Ubuntu Server 16.04.5 and Canonical Ltd. is the rightful owner of Ubuntu. Please open an issue if this needs a proper licensing.